Pre-License Course

Things you will learn

  • Real Property and the Law

  • Concepts of Home Ownership

  • Agency and Brokerage

  • Interests in Real Estate & Forms of Real Estate Ownership

  • Real Estate Taxes and Other Liens

  • Real Estate Contracts

  • Title Transfer and Recording Requirements

  • Real Estate Financing: Principles & Practices

  • Property Management and Leases

  • Real Estate Appraisal

  • Land-Use Controls and Property Development

  • Fair Housing and Ethical Practices

  • Settlement Math/Closing the Real Estate Transaction

  • Instructor Access via Email orText

  • Online delivery lets you attend class whenever, wherever you want

  • Discover Arkansas-specific laws 


Call or text Donna today with any questions you may have. 479-903-6767 or 877-374-4800 or email her at


1)Choose a Course

2) Pay with credit card or a debit card 

3) You will set up a  password so you can go in and out at your own pace.                                                  4) Course expire (6) months after  purchase  date.   

5) No refunds will be given once the course is started

6) Certificates will be sent into the commission within 10 days and you can print off a copy of your certifi-

cate at the end of your course.  

What do I need? 

In Arkansas you have to take a 60 hour pre-license course to get a license.

Our 60 hour Arkansas Pre-License Course is approved by the Arkansas Real Estate Commission and will prepare you to set for the Arkansas state exam as required by the Arkansas Real Estate Commission and will get you on the road to get your Arkansas real estate license. 

Individuals getting  getting their license in Arkansas are responsible for requesting an Application Package from the Arkansas Real Estate Commission, completing the package and submitting it back to the Commission. 

After getting licensed you will be required to take an 18 Hour Post Course within 6 months of being licensed.

These online courses are a convenient and affordable way to put you on the path to a new career.  You can do these courses in the comfort of your home and in a time frame that best suits your needs.  Once I am notified that you have started the course, I will send you a "Welcome" letter that has some good information on what you need and where to find it.  You will not take any of these courses on your own, you are not alone. I have been a licensed instructor and broker for many years and I am available for any questions you may have.  You can text, email, or call me and I will answer you in a short time.  Tech support available 7 days a week just in case you have any problems.   



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Continuing Education  Courses


Requirements for 2021- YEAH!!!

1 hour of required CE for  2021!

Brokers and Agents 7 Hours of CE with (6) hours of your choice in courses and (1) hour of required "Personal Safety" course.

**Don't forget you now have to have "Ethics" every 2 years.

Save money on our 7 hour packages which includes Ethics or you can choose your own CE courses along with the 18 hour Post course from our library. 


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